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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Bugatti 16C Galibier 2012

At that time the body 16C Galibier was merged with two different color themes. Most of this Bugatti body using a special carbon fiber painted dark blue. While the fourth door was dyed with a layer of aluminum. But the Bugatti is now wrapped with a black color accented with chrome in some parts.

Following the footfalls of the very outrageous Veyron, the new Galibier sedan is more likely to come with completely revised technical specs. It will feature a 16-cylinder engine in a standard W-configuration replacing whopping 8.0-liters. The designers have also come up with new dual 2-stage superchargers in place of 4-turbochargers.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Hyundai Azera 2012

In South Korea, the Azera will be offered with a choice of two naturally aspirated engines, both featuring direct-injection technology. The base model will be powered by the same 2.4-liter GDI four-cylinder gasoline unit found on the Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima, while the flagship version will be motivated by a 3.0-liter GDi V6 delivering 270HP and 31.6 kg/m of peak torque.

New Hyundai Accent 2012

Keeping the same styling seen on the Sonata and the new Elantra, the 2012 Accent is powered by a direct-injection 138-hp 1.6-liter 4-cylinder that makes 123 ft-lbs of torque and according to the Canadian press release gets 4.7 L/100 km highway and 6.4 L/100 km regardless of whether you choose the 6-speed automatic or manual. That works out to an incredible 50-mpg highway and 37-mpg city ratings in America.

New Hyundai Veloster 2012

The Veloster is powered by Hyundai’s all-new 1.6-liter Gamma inline-four which produces 138 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and 123 pound-feet of torque at 4,850 rpm. No, it isn’t a particularly potent engines, but it should be plenty to move the 2,584-pound Veloster along at a decent clip. Through the use of direct injection, Hyundai is able to make this mill surprisingly efficient, and while official EPA numbers haven’t been released just yet, Hyundai claims that the Veloster will net around 40 miles per gallon on the highway, easily besting the Honda CR-Z hybrid and even smaller B-segment offerings like the Mazda2 or Honda Fit. The standard transmission is a six-speed manual, though an all-new six-speed dual-cluch transmission is available.

New Hyundai Elantra 2012

Hyundai is showing that they don’t sell their cars based on looks alone as the 2012 Elantra looks pretty great under the hood as well. A peak inside the Elantra 2012 reveals a 1.8 liter engine with four cylinders that combine to produce 148 horsepower and a competitive 131 foot pounds of torque. These specs promise to make the 2012 Hyundai Elantra a car that will perform when you need it to even if they aren’t exactly blowing anyone’s socks off. The engine should be more than capable when it comes to taking care of common tasks..

New Hyundai Equus 2012

2012 Hyundai Equus Concept. The following is the latest auto concept cars from hyundai car. That is 2012 Hyundai Equus Concept. Hyundai Automaker has launched this Hyundai Equus full-size sedan in the U.S. as a 2011 model with a 385-horsepower, 4.6-liter V-8 as the sole engine. For 2012, the Equus gets a significant horsepower bump, thanks to a new 429-hp, 5.0-liter V-8 that becomes the standard engine

New Hyundai Genesis 2012

2012 Hyundai Genesis sedan , will be blessed all the new direct injection 5.0-liter Tau V8 mill, which leads to to 429 hp at 6400 rev. / Min and 376 Nm of torque at 5000 rpm. / Min Although only 5.0 liters of animals is impressive, 3.8-liter Lambda V6 direct injection of all new Hyundai in 2012 no less worthy of recognition. The addition of technology to the fuel injection (GDI) directly to the exit of the new Hyundai V6 Lambda has grown by 15 per cent of current car factory with a capacity of 3.8 liters. More power of 290-333 hp and maximum torque of 264-291 Nm Nm shoot. In addition, the new Hyundai 10.4:1 11.5:1 Lambda V6 Sport Compression ratio from the current 3.8-liter car.

New Sonata Hyundai 2012

Sonata 2012 gives the buyers several choices in terms of exterior colour and appearance. The trunk of the car measures 16.4 cubic feet, which can easily drag it into the category of some of the largest cars ever manufactured. The 2012 Sonata has several model line ups, which can be easily differentiated based on the engines fitted inside. All these models have several standard yet indispensable features like fog lamps, chrome-dressed grill, door handles, dual exhaust outlets et cetera. The all-aluminium car provides for an amazing mileage with its 2.4 litre cylinder.

New Aston Martin V12 Vantage GT3 2012

Aston Martin confirms today the specification of the 2012 Vantage GT3 race car. As the natural successor to the enormously successful DBRS9, the new Vantage GT3 will offer customers the latest in race-car technology to ensure the Vantage GT3 has the credentials to compete with the most recent new product offerings from other manufacturers.
The Vantage GT3 features a modified version of Aston Martin’s production 6.0 litre V12 engine found in the marque’s highly acclaimed sports cars. The dry-sumped engine is expected to produce 600 bhp with 700 Nm of torque and its position has been optimised further to improve weight balance. A carbon fibre propshaft mates the engine to a Xtrac 6 speed sequential transmission with semi-automatic paddle shift gear change.

New Aston Martin Vantage V12 2012

Aston Martin’s new 2012 V-12 Vantage GT3 race car have been released. We know you all have been pining for your Aston GT3 cars, and now the 2012s are finally here. The Vantage GT3 succeeds the DBRS9 and packs a production-based 6.0-liter V-12 that produces 600 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Power is routed to the rear wheels via a six-speed sequential transmission and a carbon-fiber driveshaft. The standout feature of the Vantage GT3 is its wild aerodynamics package, which includes a massive rear spoiler and a shelf-like front splitter and fairly kicks sand in the face of the race-spec V-12 Zagato and its comparatively mild aero.

New Honda Jazz 2012

Honda has just launched the facelifted 2012 Jazz in the GCC. There aren’t many changes other than of the cosmetic variety.
The engine remains the same, a 118 hp 1.5-litre i-VTEC 4-cylinder, with 145 Nm of torque at 4800 rpm. Unfortunately, the only available gearbox in the UAE is a 5-speed automatic with optional paddle-shifters.
The base LX grade gets 15-inch steel wheels and the top EX grade gets 16-inch alloy wheels. Other features include the rear “magic” seats, LCD trip computer, 10 cup-holders, cooled glove box, and a single CD/MP3 stereo with speed-dependent volume adjustment, four speakers, two tweeters and a USB adapter in the centre console. The EX also gets cruise control, leather steering wheels with audio buttons and paddle shifters, as well as an optional panoramic glass roof.

New Honda City Facelift 2012

2012 Honda City has a ground clearance of 165 mm and is available in two colors Red and Brown Pearl Metallic. City Facelift 2012 comes in seven trim levels, City Corporate Edition, City E, City S, V City Manual Transmission, City V Matic Transmission, City V MT (sunroof and leather seats), City V AT (sunroof and leather seats). Car prices will not differ much from the previous series.
For the motor, City Facelift 2012 unchanged. This car is still using the car as the previous series. City Facelift 2012 relies on a 1.5-liter i-VTEC engine capable of producing power 118 ps at 6600 rpm and torque of 146 Nm at 4800 rpm, with fuel efficiency of 16.81 km / liter.

New Pagani Huayra 2012

Unlike standard ignition keys, the Huayra’s key is actually a miniature model of the vehicle cast in aluminum, which, incidentally, is the same material found on the wheels of the car. The aluminum key, which a lot of people might mistake for a toy, splits into two parts when opened. On one end, you have the actual key to the ignition of the supercar while the other end is actually a USB stick that Horacio Pagani describes can be used “for music.” Lord knows we never thought of that.

New Lamborghini Sesto Elemento 2012

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento will be offered at a princely sum and rumors suggest that payment will be taken Reventon-style, which means three equal payments of $300,000 or higher with the remainder being paid at the end of the deal. That kind of price tag will bring its owner a 570 HP V10 engine and a power-to-weight ratio of only 1.75 kilograms per HP. This allows the Sesto Elemento to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a sensational 2.5 seconds, while top speed will be higher than 186 mph.

New Lamborghini Estoque 2012

The Estoque is loosely based on the ASF (Audi aluminum spaceframe) platform shared with the next Audi A8 and Bentley Continental families. For production, an ASF architecture is bound to be the most practical choice in terms of investment, weight savings, and commonality.
A front-mounted engine is a given, and odds favor a twin-turbo V-8. To be on the safe side, the engine bay is just big enough to house Lamborghini’s V-10, but that thirsty and expensive engine is more appropriate for a hard-core sports car. The show car’s V-8 is derived from the V-10, but for production, Lamborghini is more likely to modify the next A8′s new 4.0-liter, direct-injection twin-turbo V-8. Rated at about 420 hp and 400 lb-ft in A8 guise, it would probably get a power and torque boost to 500 hp and 480 lb-ft (although that would still put it behind the 620-hp, Lambo-sourced V-10 in Audi’s next S8).

New Ferrari Enzo 2012

Enzo will benefit from the intense use of carbon fiber, making the supercar weigh around 1200 lbs. Under the hood there will be a newly developed V8 bi-turbo engine with around 700 HP mated to a double-clutch transmission with seven speeds that provides ultra-fast gear changes. It is expected to see a sprint from 0 to 60 mph made in less than 3 seconds and a top speed of 223 mph.

New Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder 2012

2012 Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder Performance: Supported by the 570 hp V8 engine at 9,000 rpm and 540 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm and coupe. This car has a displacement cc 4499. This machine is capable of extraordinary power of 127 hp / L and 120 Nm / liter and only 307 g / km CO2 average fuel consumption of 13.3 l/100 km to offer. As with other models of transformation, Ferrari 458 Spyder Italy to win, “weight, because the hard top, a little performance will suffer. 0-60 mph sprint of children are more than 3.4 seconds and top speed 201 mph in the frame.

New Ferrari FF 2012

Power for the Ferrari FF comes from a 6.3L V12 engine making 651-hp at 8,000 rpm with a maximum torque of 504 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm with 368 lb-ft available from 1,000 rpm. The engine is mated to Ferrari’s patented 4RM four-wheel-drive system and a 7-speed transaxle dual-clutch F1 gearbox, allowing the Ferrari FF to go from 0 to 62 mph in 3.7 seconds with a top speed of 208 mph. Fuel-economy wise, the Ferrari FF manages a combined 15 mpg.

New Ferrari 612 Scaglietti 2012

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is Ferrari’s grand touring coupe that designed to take the place of Ferrari 456M. 612 Scaglietti is a big two-door car that equipped with 5.7 liter V12 engine. The engine installed produces 533 horsepower at 7,250 rpm and 434 pound-feet of torque at 5,250 rpm.

New Ferrari F70 2012

Unlike the naturally aspirated V-12-powered Enzo and the F50 before that, the latest word is that the F70 will switch back to a twin-turbo V-8 as seen in the F40. Only the F70’s direct-injected engine will use the very latest technologies to eliminate turbo lag, achieve 670–700 bhp yet return excellent (for a Ferrari) fuel mileage and low emissions (a hybrid powertrain is unlikely for the F70, due to the system’s inherent added weight). The F70 should reach 60 mph in less than 3 seconds. The target top speed of over 230 mph is reached with an array of drag-reducing active aerodynamic features.

New BMW M3 2012

Entire the vehicle is a great way.Excellent performance based on the quality of high sports car, BMW M3 Coupe is an ideal car for sporting events of the club. BMW M3 2012 Coupe is one of the great tradition introduced from next-generation BMW M3. BMW M3 Coupe to use the design of high-tech security for high performance car. With the V8 engine, the BMW M3 Coupe with the more dynamic driving experience.
For an enhanced artistic impression, the rendering artist added the CS Concept wheels, a common trait in many renderings.The 2014 BMW M3 is rumored to drop the 420-hp V-8 and replaced by a 3.0-liter twin-turbo straight six producing around 450-hp. Next generation 3 Series will be introduced in 2012.

New BMW 6 Series coupe 2012

BMW 6 Series coupe has got the recipe for a perfect GT spot on. It is big and imposing and luxurious and comfi and spacious, and it comes with a big engine, and it goes like a stabbed rat! It has 75 millimetres longer wheelbase than the predecessor model enhancing seating comfort for rear passengers; extremely sporty appearance thanks to a 39-millimetre increase in width and 5-millimetre reduction in height.

That power is managed by an eight-speed automatic transmission, which can be controlled manually via a pair of paddle-shifters. Should you prefer to row your own gears in the more traditional manner, a six-speed manual gearbox will also be offered. The engine and both transmission options help propel the car from 0-60 miles per hour in just 4.8 seconds and on to an electronically-limited top speed of 155 mph.

New BMW M1 2012

This car will use electric engines and two transmissions to acheive 60 mph in 3.8 seconds. The back of the car is not really like at BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics but this would probably help to put this car into a production line. The main rival will be Audi R8 and 2012 BMW M1 will try to have much better performances. 2012 BMW M1 will have under the hood a 1.5 liter 3 cylinder engine. With the two electric engines, will develop in total 356 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque.

New BMW 8-series 2012

The new 2012 8 series based on the platform of BMW Gran Coupe concept, and it’s 100 millimeters lower than the current 5 Series with a total height of just 1.40 meters. so on this we count that it will be a GT or sportscar.
2012 BMW 8-series contains same long wheelbase, vaulted bonnet with forward-pointing lines, set-back greenhouse, flat silhouette and coupe-style roof line. It is said that New 8-series is to be powered by a 6.0-litre V12 engine that will be manufactured by adding two cylinders to BMW’s existing V10 engine as found in the M5. Klaus Draeger, BMW’s R&D chief said that the new luxury car will be positioned alongside the 6-series in terms of pricing and technology.

New Audi R8 GT 2012

The 2012 R8 GT receives significant exterior modifications aimed at enhancing its already stellar handling, and it is powered by a modified 5.2-liter V10 FSI engine that produces 560 horsepower (35 hp more than the R8 Coupe 5.2 quattro and the R8 Spyder 5.2 quattro). The 2012 R8 GT employs the R tronic sequential manual transmission. This pairing produces a top track speed of 199 mph, and a 0-62 mph time of 3.6 seconds. Overall, the Audi R8 GT will provide drivers with high lateral acceleration and a low center of gravity.

New Audi A4 2012

The 2012 A4 has an option for the sports package, which includes 18-inch tires, a specialized trim for the interior and a suspension that is sports tuned. The design matches the style quota that the countries lodge with materials that are of the highest possible quality. Although the seats are firm, they can be adjusted or made comfortable especially for long drives. The interior of the 2012 Audi A4 is dominated by leather fastening up of seats, steering wheel at center. The front seat for the driver is heated and the passenger seat is powered. For those who love to listen to music while travelling, the car has a music system that can store six CDs/MP3S and deploy melody to 10 speakers, thereby installing the right effect expected by the person. Audi A4 2012 is starts at $50,000.

Audi A4 2012 comes with different and huge range of airbags, including front and front-seat side airbags and rear-seat side airbags for 360-degree support in times of accidents and other dangerous encounters. It also includes a traction control, antilock brakes and stability control. Having chased down a name in the catalogue of “safest cars of 2009”, the 2012 Audi A4 is the best buy for a safe drive. The power train combination of the Audi A4 2012 is 211-bhp 2.0-liter and 4-cylinder.
The 2012 A4 has an option for the sports package, which includes 18-inch tire

Monday, January 9, 2012

Lamborghini Aventador

Matte paint has turn out to be all the rage in high-finish vehicles and can appear particularly striking on something as svelte as a Lamborghini. The two-tone leather interiors are provided in two style lines.The Aventador will be provided with ABS, digital brake distribution, anti-slip manage, speed-dependent servo-tronic steering, hill begin assist and, of course, ESP balance manage. The rear spoiler and the side air intakes are electronically controlled. The Drive Choose System allows vehicle characteristics (motor, transmission, differential, balance manage, steering) to be set in accordance with person driver preferences in one of three modes – Strada (street), Activity and Corsa (track).

Lamborghini Reventón

The Reventón is named for a fighting bull, in line with Lamborghini tradition. The bull, raised by the Don Heriberto Rodríguez family, was best known for killing famed Mexican bullfighter Félix Guzmán in 1943. Reventón means “explosion” or “burst” in Spanish, when used as a noun. In the vernacular, it is also used to define a very large party or a night in town. In automotive terms, it means “blowout, flat tire” when used as a noun. When it was used as the name of a bull, however, it was intended to be interpreted as an adjective, a quality or property of that bull in particular. In this last sense, Reventón means “he who seems to be about to burst”.


Lamborghini Gallardo 2011

Cosa Design special coilover suspension added to adjust the height of the car and rigidity while also using steel pipe steel exhaust to boost output from 500 horsepower and 376 lb / ft of torque all the way up to 540 horsepower and 405 lb / ft of torque.

The resulting engine bumps seeing the speed increase for Gallardo, who can now peaks at 197 mph. Thus the 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo by Cosa Design not only has a very cool appearance, but also get additional performance. So the car is getting better after modified.